Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Why Work with a Virtual Assistant?

  • Virtual Assistants have the qualifications needed to get the job done! Most VAs have been in their respective fields for many years.
  • Benefit to you: No need to spend valuable time and money going through the resume screening, hiring and training processes.

  • Virtual Assistants do all the work in their own offices, usually home-based.

    • Benefit to you: There is no need to provide office space in your office to house an employee.

  • Virtual Assistants have fully equipped offices with all of the necessary equipment.

    • Benefit to you: There is no need to acquire that additional equipment that the employee will need to use.

  • Virtual Assistants are just a phone call or email away.

    • Benefit to you: You have access to professional office assistance “When you need it”!

  • Virtual Assistants handle all of their own expenses.

    • Benefit to you: There is no need for you to worry about source deductions, benefits, vacations or losing valuable hours due to sick time.

  • Virtual Assistants bill only for time spent on projects.

    • Benefit to you: You don’t need to worry about paying for idle time… time wasted by an in-house employee waiting for the next project to be assigned.

  • Virtual Assistants take your overflow off your shoulders.

    • Benefit to you: By outsourcing some of your ‘non-core’ or ‘just can’t get to’ projects to a VA gives you more time to concentrate on more important tasks, such as prospecting new customers and generating revenue.

  • Virtual Assistants are dedicated to working WITH you to help you succeed.

    • Benefit to you: You meet and exceed the needs and expectations of YOUR customers. A win-win situation!