Micah M Rodrigues

Micah M Rodrigues
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Micah M Rodrigues
Micah M.R. Virtual Vantage
Toronto, Ontario

Email: hello@micahmr.ca
Website: www.micahmr.ca

About Us:

Hey there, I'm Micah M R, a lifelong organization, automation, and optimization enthusiast, and the brain and brawn behind Micah M.R. Virtual Vantage. With decades of experience, unwavering efficacy and exceptional client service, I empower small businesses with time-saving front and back-end planning and implementation.


Think of Micah M. R. Virtual Vantage as your trusty sidekick in the virtual realm, here to make your day smoother, your tasks simpler and your smile wider. My seamless blend of efficiency and expertise means you can say goodbye to overwhelming to-do lists and time-consuming tasks and hello to what matters most – elevating your business and enjoying that - currently elusive - leisure time. Welcome to the world of virtual awesome; whether it's managing your inbox, schedule, travel, clients, systems and processes, socials, accounting (account), special projects, strategic planning and implementation, or home/office organization let’s strategize, and create your virtual vantage. It’s your business. Bettered.

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