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Create a Giant Postcard to Market Your Business and Get Results Fast!

By Karen Saunders

A wonderful, hardworking marketing tool is a giant postcard! With colorful eye-catching graphics on one side and your promotional copy on the back, it will grab attention faster than an email, ad or sales letter.

Make it BIG

A giant postcard, also called an oversized, jumbo, or #14 postcard is a low-cost, effective device for branding your business and creating prospect response. Start with a 6″ x 9″ or larger size postcard and print in full color to make it stand out from the stack of white envelopes in today’s mail. Postage is the price of a first class stamp.

Customize It

Find a printer who can print “variable data” and you can customize the postcard with your prospect’s first name in the design along with their mailing address. Who can resist reading a postcard with their very own name in the headline? You don’t need to use peel and stick address labels anymore either!

Brand It

I recommend several mailings using the same brand, theme, or graphic to make a memorable impression in your prospect’s mind. Make your brand simple, unique and easily identifiable. If you are selling an informational product, workshop or seminar and positioned yourself as the expert, I recommend that you use an engaging photo of yourself somewhere in the layout.

Make a Series

Remember, it takes repeated impressions-some say 7 or 9 times-before your prospect will buy. Mail out your postcard or series of postcards before and/or after an event such as a tradeshow or conference where you are exhibiting or before your own event.

Use a Catchy Headline and Stunning Graphics

On the front side, write a provocative statement, compelling question or catchy headline directed to your target market. Add an unusual, colorful, or stunning graphic or photo. Check out royalty-free stock libraries for low cost photos and illustrations at these sites:,, and If you lack creative talent, hire a graphic designer to prepare the file for your printer.

Keep it Simple

The copy on the back side of the postcard needs to be compelling, clear, clean and simple. No one will take the time to read a “textbook” of tiny type. Use bullet points if necessary to break up the text and turn it into an easy-to-use list. Highlight your contact information (phone number and/or website) with a contrasting color or bold font. Be sure to leave 5/8″ margin of white space on the bottom end of the mailer side. This is where the post office will imprint a bar code, and you don’t want it to cover your important information!

Tell the Prospect What to Do

You may want the prospect to call you or contact you via email. You can direct him/her to your website for free offers. Then capture their email addresses when they sign up for your free ezine, report, audio recording. Be sure to follow up right away.

Don’t forget your call to action. Be absolutely clear with what you want your prospect to do next. This is the last line of text on the back side of the card, right above your contact information.

Put this hard working tool to work for you and just watch your response rate soar!

Copyright © Karen Saunders

Karen Saunders is the owner of MacGraphics Services, a unique design firm for today’s entrepreneur.  Karen’s book, Turn Eye Appeal Into Buy Appeal: How to easily transform your marketing pieces into dazzling, persuasive sales tools! is a comprehensive resource that teaches you how to create effective marketing materials, give marketing projects a professional appearance, and execute projects using ready-made checklists to immediately begin assisting clients with the planning, developing and creating of marketing materials.  To learn more, visit  You can contact Karen at 888-796-7300, or

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