Tracey D'Aviero explains the different membership levels at CAVA.

I already know which membership I want...let's do this!!

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What You Get with Your CAVA Full Membership :

    • Listing in Member Directory so YOU are FOUND in Google and the other search engines


    • Business Building Articles and Guides.


    • The BEST Commercial Business Insurance plan for VAs in CANADA!


    • Access to contracts created by OUR attorney's especially for Canadian VAs!!


    • Access to Home based business legal package or a Small Business legal package.


    • Medical, Dental, Long and Short Term liability - personal and family plans.


    • Hundreds of Business templates that you NEED to start AND grow your business.


    • Access to special offers and prices from some huge corporate partners.


    • Can you say Microsoft?  Infusionsoft?  Citrix (GoToMeeting)? Aweber?  TeamWorkPM?  and WAY MORE.


    • We have negotiated Merchant account pricing LOWER than PAYPAL for our members.


    • Webhosting that gives GoDaddy a run for their money - for LESS $$!


    • Pages and pages of Resources and links.


    • Print Services for you and your clients - Great rates, that allow you to offer services and MAKE money!!


    • Travel, hotel and car rental deals - EXCLUSIVELY FOR CAVA MEMBERS!!


  • Reading, Webinar and Audio libraries FULL of information that will help you GROW your business and create the income and freedom that you wanted when you started your business!

Full Membership

Everything you just finished reading about – the whole kit ‘n caboodle – is going to set you back $97 per year. Yes you saw that right. $97 per year! Canadian $. Not per month, or bi-weekly. CAVA membership is yours for $97 per year. Exclusive access to our RFP system ALONE is worth more than a yearly payment of $97 – retain one client and your membership has paid for itself! This is one of the most cost effective ways you can possibly market your VA business. For that $97, your business is listed in our directory, you will be networking with VAs all over the country and RFPs are delivered right to your email inbox. You really can’t go wrong with this monetarily tiny investment.


Special Offer for NEWBIES - $35 for 3 months

If you’re still exploring the idea of becoming a VA we have a special 3 month membership that allows you to see what CAVA has to offer. You won’t be listed in the member directory but you will have access to the private discussion group – that alone can prove to be invaluable. There are many benefits of full membership that won’t be available to you but you will get an opportunity to appreciate how important it is to become fully involved with CAVA.


Free Membership

We do offer a free membership with limited access to resources so if a full membership just isn't in your budget at this point, please register as a free member and stay connected.