Why Join CAVA?

Tracey D’Aviero talks about what CAVA has to offer Virtual Assistants.

Become part of the ONLY virtual assistance organization more Canadian than the “double double

Tim’s has crossed the border and is now enjoyed by our American neighbours. The double double may have originated in Canada but it’s not authentically ours anymore, kind of like Celine Dion, Superman and Basketball.

The Canadian Association of Virtual Assistants is truly 100% Canadian – started by Canadian VAs for Canadian VAs.

We’re going to assume that if you weren’t Canadian, you wouldn’t be reading this, so let’s be honest. Sometimes it’s frustrating to be on *this* side of the border. For example:

  • How many times have you been forced out of an online form (after spending a ton of time on it) because there was only a list of states to choose from and no provinces in sight?
  • How many contest entries have you not qualified for because you’re Canadian? (Funny how we’re permitted to buy American magazines at a jacked up cover price, but we can’t win their stuff, isn’t it)
  • We can’t catch our favorite shows online on most major TV networks’ websites
  • No watching American videos or tunes on YouTube for us
  • Our dollar is almost always weaker than the “USD”
  • All the best stuff on eBay is listed by sellers in “The States”
  • Amazon.com versus Amazon.ca – is there any contest?

Of course, Canada is a wonderful country and we’re proud to be from the Great White North with our Beaver Tails, poutine and free health coverage, but sometimes it feels like most things in the world are created for Americans.

You’re so used to not being eligible for things because you have a postal code and not a zip, you probably never dreamed there would be a special VA organization just for us Canadians.

In fact, if you’re like many new and aspiring virtual assistants, you might be surprised just to know that the VA industry exists, let alone that you can join a uniquely Canadian VA community.

CAVA is an organization uniting Canadian Virtual Assistants and the world and the ONLY VA organization restricted to Canadians.

We provide a platform for VAs to network, exchange knowledge, plan in person meet-ups with other local VAs and most importantly to obtain support from other VAs in various stages of their business development.

We know that Canadian VAs are a sharp bunch. Among us, we possess the very highest standards of education, relevant experience and professionalism required to provide outstanding business support services. Our mission is to connect our stellar Canadian VAs to clients – on a global level.

Through an impressive knowledge base, a growing network and exchange of innovative ideas, Canadian VAs are making a big mark on a growing industry. CAVA exists to foster this growth and we do so one VA at a time and one client at a time.

What do you get with your CAVA Full Membership? Check it out here!