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Why Should You Work With a Canadian Virtual Assistant?

Why should you choose to work with a Canadian VA over someone ‘cheaper’

Business owners seeking support for their business… here are a few reasons to use Virtual Assistants that are located in Canada (not all VAs in the VA groups are 👀):

1. Economic support – support the Canadian economy by using the services of fellow Canadian business owners (VAs)

2. Liability – business insurance providers highly recommend that Canadian VAs work with 75% Canadian clientele. Is your VA insured?

3. Canadian currency – If your VA is charging you in US dollars, you might be paying more than you need to. Canadian VAs charge in CAD, your own currency.

4. Meet your VA – if you work with someone local, you can attend the same business events and build a long trusting relationship.

5. Face to face communication – because you don’t have a 12 hour time difference, jumping on a Zoom meeting if needed is easy.

Not to mention celebrating Canadian holidays and seasons together, and Canadian vocabulary, eh? 😉

I mostly recommend to Canadian business owners to hire Canadian VAs because of point #1 (I love supporting local/Canadian), but I think these are all important things to consider.

Feel free to search the member directory at CAVA to find the best VA for you, or post a free RFP to get proposals sent straight to you!

And for our all of our Canadian VAs who get stumped by the question ‘Why should I hire you when I can get someone for half your rate?’, feel free to grab the points above and answer them confidently in your discovery calls with potential clients. 🙂

What you should do next:

If you need help with finding an amazing Canadian VA, check out our member directory.

Our VAs are proudly Canadian, and are ready to work with you!

You can also post an RFP to have our VAs send proposals for your consideration directly to you. You just define the role you are looking to fill with any required qualifications, and post it for free!

If you are a business owner looking for amazing Virtual Assistant support for your business, visit our member directory, reach out to our Featured Members, or post your RFP for free – you can do all of that right here:

About the Author: Tracey D’Aviero is a Virtual Assistant Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Author. After operating a busy VA business of her own since 1996, Tracey began teaching others to run their VA businesses in 2010 through Your VA Mentor. She also owns CAVA VA association and now teaches and coaches VAs exclusively. She has a vast amount of experience working in many different industries which helps her to offer her students and coaching clients a unique perspective and sound advice. She is a proud advocate of the Virtual Assistant industry. Learn more about Tracey’s journey in the VA industry here.

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