CAVA Preferred Partners

CAVA Preferred Partners

The following companies have partnered with CAVA and its initiatives in providing high-quality products & services for Virtual Assistants. Some of their offerings come with special pricing for CAVA members. We appreciate the support they have shown the Virtual Assistant Community.


Pepper It Marketing

Do you DYI your own marketing? If you need practical and easy to follow training, look no further than Kathy. 

Kathy Colaiacovo is an Online Marketing and Social Media Strategist. She specializes in helping small business owners decipher the world of websites, blogging, email marketing, lead generation and social media to increase leads, prospects, and sales.

Kathy knows that many business owners - including virtual assistants - look for online training so they can go the DIY way. Kathy launched her online training programs back in 2012 and has been sharing her practical and easy to follow training programs ever since. She currently offers programs on Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, How to use Canva and soon will launch the Pepper It Marketing Insiders Club with a special introductory lifetime offer! 

Kathy is a frequent speaker at all of our events, including the live conferences, online conferences, and more. She is always vote favourite speaker in the post-event surveys. 🙂

If you are looking for ways to learn more about marketing your own business or even developing the skill to offer this as a service to your clients, check out her online training programs today. When you use the coupon code CAVA you will receive 10% off any program.

She also has a terrific Content Planner that you can pick up here.


Gretchen Breuner Speaker Marketing

Looking for an in-demand service that VAs can provide? Speaker support!

Gretchen Breuner's expertise is speaker marketing and promotion, but she quickly became tasked with finding speaking gigs for her clients. She knew where to find them - and because most of her clients didn't know how to find them, they began to ask her to do it for them. She developed a self study course to help her clients learn her trade secrets.

She realized that this was an amazing niche/service for Virtual Assistants, and so she started reaching out to people like me who could spread the word to people like you!

Gretchen has graciously offered her speaker support course to our members for half price - 50% of the regular price! - do not miss this - it is an in demand skill that you can get clients with easily! Check it out here.

Not sure what speaker support is? Gretchen and I talked about it - watch the free webinar here.


Get on the inside track to success - join the VA Insiders Club!

A year's membership gets you access for one year to: Job Board, Monthly Group Coaching, Monthly Webinar Training, BONUS Training, Private Brainstorming Network, The VAult (Business Templates, Seminar Archives, System Sheets, ebooks & Bonus Resources) PLUS other VAinsider Perks!

It's your one-stop shop for VA info:


Moira is a Mindset Cultivator, Energy Healer and Tarot Consultant who works with professionals who have a feeling that there is something better in life for them but they have no idea how to access it… to create the trust, confidence and inner awareness they need to be guided by their intuition so they feel aligned with their unique calling.

What makes her unique and different in this work is that she has developed the ability to take complex spiritual ideas and interpret them in ways that people find easy to understand and integrate.

Moira has been a speaker at both our live and online conferences, and is located in the Ottawa area. You can connect with Moira here: and pick up her free Change Your Mindset Kit here.


Kelly Sturtevant is an award winning Facebook Ads Strategist who specializes in digital marketing strategies to help entrepreneurs and business owners grow their online presence, generate leads and attract their ideal customer to their products or services.

Kelly was a speaker on our 2020 online VA conference and lives in Albert with her family.

Kelly can be found at Blue Page Social: where you can find her Facebook Ads Kickstart Program.


Trevor Alexander has been a professional designer for 15 years, including being part of 3 successfully sold start ups.

He now puts together resources and courses to show how ANYONE can produce better looking Presentations, Documents, Reports, and Images by following practical and repeatable strategies.

He firmly believes that Virtual Assistants, Marketers, Developers, Business Owners…Everyone, CAN improve the design of their work.

Trevor has done a few training sessions with us including the 2020 online VA conference. You can check him out at and grab his amazing Design Better with Canva program too.


Dave Urichuck is an international speaker, professional coach, and published author. He helps his clients to further explore their goals, increase their personal beliefs and self-confidence, and achieve a balanced lifestyle. Dave is an expert at helping clients gain a new perspective on life so they can improve their careers and business choices. He believes everyone can define their purpose and passion and live it!

Adventures in nature offer outstanding opportunities for personal growth, which is why Dave created The Adventure Coach platform. It’s a unique coaching practice that offers customized outdoor packages for individuals or groups looking for life-changing experiences.

He has coached diverse audiences, led workshops, and enjoyed outdoor adventures in more than 35 countries. He has also been mentored by outstanding industry leaders, including Jack Canfield and Tony Robbins.

Dave has spoken at both our live and online conferences, bringing and energetic, interactive and informative look at mindset. Connect with Dave at


Sherri-Lee Woycik is a Badass Facebook Marketing and Ads Expert who has spent too many years hiding her bright, bold light. Since figuring out how to step away from the shadows and embrace her wacky, wonderful self, Sherri-Lee has dedicated her life to helping other women create lives and businesses beyond their wildest dreams using Facebook to grow relationships, audiences and revenue.

Sherri-Lee was a speaker at our first online VA conference, and lives in BC with her family. You can check out her Facebook trainings here:


An Author, Trainer, Speaker, Podcast Host and Award-winning Entrepreneur, Stacy Maynard is a multi-passionate. For over 20 years, she has been helping businesses & corporations gain the competitive edge in the digital world with LinkedIn, Video & Social Media Training, Strategy & Lead Generation, Podcasting to name a few.

Stacy helps her clients and community position themselves as experts by strategically using Social Media channels to their business advantage. With a focus on LinkedIn & Multi Media Engagement, Stacy brings a blend of business smarts and tech geekiness to all her work, training and events.

Stacy has been quoted along side social media marketing & sales platforms such as Sprout Social, Point Source and HubSpot. Her Podcast "Link for Success" ranked Top 35 on iTunes. In 2018, she received the "Speaker of the Year" Award.

Stacy was a guest speaker for our online conference. You can check out her trainings here: and pick up her 4 Ways to Help Your Clients with LinkedIn free download.


After starting her coaching business in 2000, Tina Forsyth quickly came to see the need to partner visionaries with high-level support. With her natural ability to bring both strategy and implementation to the table, Tina began working with 6 to 7-figure leaders within the coaching industry to help manage and grow their businesses, and thus, the role of the Online Business Manager (OBM) was born.

As the demand for high-level support continued to rise, she shifted her focus from being the OBM to training OBMS and founded the International Association of Online Business Managers in 2008 — the home of the Certified OBM® Training. In the 10+ years since its inception, the OBM industry has become established as a key role on the team of fast-growing online and virtually based businesses. .

Tina continues to work with visionaries and business leaders to align their business with their calling, and to create the container of support they need in order to expand into their full potential.

We were so fortunate to have Tina join us as a speaker on the 2020 online conference. You can learn more about becoming an OBM and Tina's program here: or sign up for her Pricing, Packaging and Incentive class here.


Liz Raymond is not your average bookkeeper! With almost 30 years in the accounting field she encompasses her K.I.S.S. philosophy (Keep It Simple Systems) in everything she does and teaches.

After working with top accounting firms Liz started and grew her business as a single mompreneur, supporting other single mompreneurs and small business in a wide variety of industries.

Liz was one of our speakers at our inaugural live VA conference in Ottawa, is a sought-after expert for all things bookkeeping and is a Quickbooks Certified Advisor and Trainer. You can connect with Liz here:


Catherine Priestman is an image strategist who knows how to help you showcase your brand in a way that reflects your personality and your professionalism, so your clients will be seeking you out to work with you!

She is the President and CEO of CP Business Solutions Inc., a marketing agency she incorporated 8 years ago, following a time as a sole proprietor and an exciting career in the Air Force, that took her all over the world. Catherine continues to travel extensively and delivers services to her clients around the globe. She is driven by a tireless pursuit for creative results and is always looking for a fresh challenge.

Catherine is the very essence of the colour orange that brands her business and permeates her personal and professional life. Creative, confident and slightly off-the-wall, Catherine has the personality and the heart to carry off and lay claim to such a vibrant shade. Catherine has only two speeds: whirlwind and asleep.

Catherine has been a speaker at both our live and online VA conferences, and she has an amazing free Branding Checklist that will help you polish your image right away. Pick it up here!


Freelance U (formerly VAClassroom) is the premier, one-stop learning platform for freelancers around the world. With more than 80 specialized and in-demand certifications and courses, it's your place to go for skills training to improve your VA business.

Craig and Kelly Cannings have been helping VAs and other freelancers since 2008, and we at CAVA highly recommend their trainings every chance we get.

Check them out at and pick up their free download Top 150 Freelance Niches here.


The VA Training Academy specializes in helping virtual assistants start their businesses and take them to new levels of profitability and satisfaction. Whether you're new to the virtual assistant industry or a seasoned veteran, the VA Training Academy has a comprehensive and quality training program to suit your needs.

Check out their signature training programs: the Virtual Assistant Business Success Blueprint and the Professional Real Estate Assistant Certification Program.


Greg Jenkins at MonkeyPod Marketing is an amazing trainer for all things Infusionsoft. He just updated his amazing Infusionsoft Starter Kit training and it has more than 40 training videos in it. He even has a free trial so you can check it out before buying! He is THE best Infusionsoft trainer I know, and his IS starter kit is no exception. The whole kit is just $57 right now for a limited time. If you want to learn how to use Infusionsoft to support your clients, check out the Infusionsoft Starter Kit here. or check out his website for lots more trainings.


Barb Fletcher Breakthrough Specialist

If you are feeling fear, stress, anxiety or overwhelm, Barb can help you break through the debilitating hurdles that may be holding you back from success in your business and life.

Barb helps entrepreneurs find their way through fear, stress and anxiety using life-changing tools and techniques such as HearthMarth and Emotional Freedom Technique. Being able to build resilience into your life is what helps you manage the situations where you feel stress, instead of simply avoiding them. Barb recently did a webinar with me on Overwhelm. Watch it here.

Contact Barb for a complimentary session today!