Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to a few questions we get often from people who want to become VAs and/or join CAVA:

Do I need to be a VA to join CAVA?

No you don’t have to be … but you should be on your way to starting your VA business to join. It’s not a ‘learn to be a VA’ place, but we have lots of resources to help you get up faster than doing it all on your own.

Do you help VAs start their business at CAVA?

We do not provide training for VAs to become VAs, but we do have lots of resources and training available to our members to help you with the various aspects of getting your business started.

I need to learn how to be a VA. Can CAVA help?

If you are looking for training to become a VA, CAVA owner Tracey D’Aviero is a VA Trainer and Coach. You can check out her training offerings here at her website Your VA Mentor.

Do I need to have my website finished to join CAVA?

You do not need a website to join CAVA. You don’t even need business cards! You just need to have your VA business launched (or close to launched), so that you are ready to use the benefits that we offer VAs at CAVA.

Will you teach me the admin skills I need to be a VA?

No we do not teach people to be VAs. You should have your own administrative training and/or experience to start a VA business. CAVA is not a training place, we are a trade association for our members, who operate their own VA businesses. For VA training, connect with CAVA owner Tracey D’Aviero.

Do you offer job opportunities at CAVA?

We do not hire VAs at CAVA. Clients seeking VAs are welcome to search our member directory to find a VA, or they can post an RFP if they want our members to submit proposals for their job requirements.

How do I become a VA?

To become a VA is to start your own VA business. You must register your business, market your business, and find your own clients. You are an independent contractor and a business owner. VA training is available through some of our partners including the owner of CAVA, Tracey D’Aviero but the fees for taking any training is not included in your membership fees.

Do you offer certification for VAs?

No, we do not offer certification for VAs at CAVA.

Do Virtual Assistants work from home?

Yes, they do. They are business owners, not employees, and they set up their own home office to work with their clients.

How do I start working as a Virtual Assistant?

To become a VA, you start your own small business. You should begin by offering services that you are skilled in and set up your business according to the laws of your province or area. Look to your local government website for their regulations.

What skills do you need to become a Virtual Assistant?

You should have some administrative experience to start you own VA business. You can take training to start but it is easier to begin working with clients when you already have admin experience that you can convert to virtual support.

Is being a Virtual Assistant hard?

Being a VA means running your own small business – you have to manage your own business admin, and find your own clients, both of which can be difficult at times. You may also need to deal with difficult clients, which can also be challenging. It can be hard, but when you get the support you need to run your business, things get much easier!

Can I become a VA without any experience?

All VAs start their VA business with no ‘VA’ experience. You should have some admin experience (or experience providing whatever services you will offer your clients) but it doesn’t have to be virtual experience. That type of thing you can learn (how to collaborate, how to work online, etc.)

What industries use Virtual Assistants?

Almost all industries use VAs. Any business owner needs administrative support at some point, and it is becoming more common to hire people to just take care of the tasks you need done when you need them, instead of hiring a full-tim employee.

How do Virtual Assistants get paid?

As a VA, you will invoice your clients regularly (usually monthly) and they will pay you using the method you prefer (credit cards are most popular but etransfers are increasingly being used for clients and VAs working in the same country).

How do VAs find clients?

To find VA clients, you will want to do some marketing and networking. You can also join professional associations and groups to get your name listed in directories, like at CAVA, where clients can search and find you.