Your 5K VA Plan – Training

Your 5K VA Plan

Building a successful Virtual Assistant business is hard.

Do you feel like you have more questions than answers? Even though you know you can help clients, you struggle with your confidence – and find it hard to make decisions.

That leads to having trouble finding clients, questioning your rates (or setting them WAY too low), and being frustrated every day because everything takes longer than you thought, and doesn’t seem to work the way you thought it would anyway.

Sound familiar?

I’ve been there. Struggling every day to try to make a go of it, and still never gaining the confidence or success we know is possible. We see other VAs doing it and we know it’s possible for some people – but maybe just not for us. At least we don’t know to make it possible for us.

Your 5K VA Plan will help you change that! it’s your path to being able to confidently and consistently bill $5,000 a month as the skilled Virtual Assistant that you are.

If you are dropping or discounting your rates just to get client work, you need this training. If you aren’t that excited about your VA business anymore because it’s hard, you need it too.

In this program you’ll learn to:

  • change your own mindset, so you can show the world you are an amazing and competent Virtual Assistant
  • adjust your pricing structure and business model so you are charging the right rates for your services
  • uplevel your service offerings so you can show your clients you are the best Virtual Assistant for them
  • connect with clients in the right way and in the right places so that you can sign them and work with them

Join me for this LIVE 90-minute workshop, and we’ll get Your 5K VA Plan in place.

We’ll work on your mindset so that you start acting like a successful VA business owner.

We’ll look at (and adjust) your pricing as needed so that you can clearly see how many clients you need to find to earn the revenue that you want.

We’ll identify opportunities to uplevel your service offerings so your clients take notice.

And we’ll connect with your clients in the right place, and say the right things – so that inviting them to work with you feels genuine and natural… dare I say, easy!

I’ll show you what earning $5K looks like, how to structure it, how to customize it for your business, and how to build it. And I’ll be there to answer your specific questions. Don’t miss it!

Let’s get you on the path to the success that you crave – and that you know you deserve!

Register here:

Your 5K VA Plan
Thursday, April 14th
3 pm to 4:30 pm Eastern

What would earning 5K a month help you do in your life?

The practical stuff:

  • Pay off your mortgage faster
  • Contribute to your household without leaving the house
  • Ease your stress about money when bills come in the mail
  • Pay for your kids college
  • Save for your retirement
  • Help you afford private health insurance

or the FUN stuff!:

  • Take a family vacation (or get away without the family!)
  • Spoil yourself with your favourite toys
  • ‘Me’ time stuff like regular massages or trips to the spa
  • Hire a housecleaner or a gardener
  • Go out for dinner more often
  • Home renovations! (my favourite!)

Let’s get you there together! Register now.