Hailey White

Hailey White
CAVA Member

Hailey White
AdminAlly Inc.
Hamilton, Ontario

Email: hailey@adminallyinc.com
Website: www.adminallyinc.com

About Us:

We help busy professionals eliminate their boring and mundane administrative tasks so they can focus on other aspects of their lives that matter most to them such as crushing their business goals and spending treasured time with their families.


We provide professional executive virtual assistance that focuses on Business, Travel and Lifestyle Management. Our most popular services are:

  • Business - Event Management, Calendar Management, E-mail Management, Task Management and Business Research
  • Travel - Travel Research, Itinerary Building, Airline/Hotel Check-In, Bookings, Bespoke Experiences
  • Lifestyle - Event Planning, Household Coordination, Personal To Do List, Shopping, Important Date Reminders

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