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What is a Social Media Manager?

social media managerYou may not be familiar with the title, Social Media Manager.  Well there are alot of us out there.  To give you an idea what we do, I’ve come up with this list.

Save your business time and money by outsourcing these social tasks.

  1. Posting of content, including articles, events, photos, and starting discussion groups,
  2. Moderating comments on a blog,
  3. Submitting written content across platforms,
  4. Find and follow key persons on Twitter or Facebook,
  5. Submitting and promoting video,
  6. Writing and submitting press releases,
  7. Podcast creation assistance, including iphone app.
  8. Video creation assistance.
  9. Re-tweet relevant tweets,
  10. Tracking statistics on a weekly or monthly basis,
  11. Measuring campaign success,
  12. Setup of profiles, and associated alert applications, and
  13. Finding other professionals with specializations.

Are these things that you are already doing?  Perhaps by leveraging your time, your business could benefit from the online exposure?

Guest Post by:  Tracey Etwell

Tracey is a Social Media Manager who helps business owners expand their reach using online tools. She can be found at and on facebook at

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