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Martina Rowley
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Martina Rowley
Martina Rowley And Company
Orangeville, ON


About Us:

We are experts at supporting established 6-figure business owners, who are juggling everything themselves and know they can and need to do better. We have a proven support system that gets you more organised and focused, with more time for you to work on growing your business, profits and what matters most to you. We are Your Plus One in Business.


Our blend of back office support, process streamlining and consulting, as well as accountability coaching means we have your back. We apply a proven 5-step system for client support within our four key service areas listed below. See our website for details and to book a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call.

ADMINISTRATION: We handle document creation and organisation – from simple documents to detailed reports, setup forms, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint slide-decks –, handle your calendar and meeting scheduling, plus recurring and time-consuming tasks and lists, online research and follow-ups.

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: We streamline, organise and help manage your business activities to improve efficiency and save you time. That may include recommending and setting up online business tools that help reduce time needed to input, share and find or track documentation by streamlining recurring processes. We also help determine and seek business development opportunities.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: We plan, execute and coordinate projects, your team, vendors and collaborators to keep your milestones on track and ensure everyone contributes to and meets their individual and team due dates.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We provide structure and focus when you get side-tracked by shiny new objects or simply feel overwhelmed by the multitude of tasks that need doing. Through our weekly check-in calls with you, we hold you accountable on your tasks and business goals, ensure that we take enough work off your plate to lighten your workload, and guide or coach you on more effective methods of time management and how you schedule and use your time.

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